Dental Filling: Purpose, Procedure, Types & Cost

dental fillings

Are you looking forward to undergo a dental filling treatment in Delhi? But unaware about its procedure, types, cost and success rate? Well! here you will get a detailed description about everything. 


What Is Dental Filling?

A dental filling is a kind of curative dental treatment used for restoring the missing structure of your tooth. The tooth structure sometimes gets damaged because of fracture or tooth decay. Usually, decay makes your tooth hollow, and with dental fillings, these gaps are filled which help prevent further decay of the tooth. Moreover, a dental filling also helps repair broken teeth and teeth that are weared off because of some dental habits like nail biting or teeth grinding.


When Does One Need Dental Filling?

There are a variety of factors where an individual might  need to undergo dental filling treatment. Some of the major symptoms that require dental fillings may include: 

  • Any hole in the tooth
  • Dark spots
  • Food getting stuck in specific areas of your tooth.
  • Chipped tooth
  • The sensitivity of teeth to either hot or else cold food as well as beverage.
  • One or more tooth cavities.

When you notice any of these symptoms mentioned, then there is a high possibility that you might require a dental filling. After the proper oral screening, your dentist will decide whether you need a dental filling or not.

It’s essential to undergo for dental fillings treatment in Delhi on time. When the treatment is not carried out on time, then enamel will start getting damaged, thereby showing the dentin, which is the hard part of your teeth, present below the enamel. Then the bacteria present in your mouth will come in contact with it, thereby causing tooth infection. When the infection starts, you can feel the sensitivity in your teeth which calls for an immediate treatment. But if the filling is not done on time, the infection starts reaching the nerve, which can damage the tooth, and one might need a Root canal treatment. There is also a high chance that infection might reach other adjacent teeth.


What Steps Are Involved in Dental Filling?

A dental filling is needed when your tooth has suffered or has experienced a decay. Here are the steps involved in the whole process of dental filling:

  • At first, your dentist examines to see how infected your tooth is. It is because the dental filling is best for small fractures or decays. The dentist might do an X-ray for getting precise information.
  • Based on how much your tooth is decayed, your dentist might administer local anesthesia to numb the area around the infected tooth.
  • Thereafter, the affected tooth or the surrounding areas is arranged for restoration work.
  • If there is tooth damage, then either a handpiece or laser is used to remove the damaged part.
  • A dental filling is applied in the area for filling up the decay. The filling to be used depends on case to case.
  • At last, the tooth is polished to end the whole dental filling process.


What Types of Filling Materials Are Available?

There are various kinds of dental fillings. The kind of dental filling used is based on the decay condition and other such factors as if a person is allergic to any material. The various kinds of filling available are

  • Metal filling: This type of filling lasts very long. In this kind, the silver filling is generally not very expensive. Gold is expensive but one of the most preferred dental filling. It is because they can easily withstand strong chewing forces and last 10-15 years.
  • Amalgam filling: This kind of filling is mostly preferred by dental professionals and is in use for a long time. They are made by a combination of various kinds of metals and therefore possess great strength.
  • Composite filling: Composite dental filling in Delhi is the most common procedure performed.  Composite filling has the same color as your teeth. They are preferred when a person does not want their feelings to be seen by others. It is often recommended for the front teeth and makes a strong bond with your tooth structure. It is also used widely for a chipped tooth. But it does not last long when compared with metal fillings and amalgam fillings. It also wears off with time.
  • Porcelain filling: For persons with aesthetic issues, porcelain filling is best. It covers the maximum part of your tooth and is used when the decay’s size is huge. It lasts very long and does not stain or wear off very easily.


Best Dental Fillings treatment in South Delhi at Smile oracles

Smile Oracles is one of the proven names for dental procedures in South Delhi. The clinic makes use of some of the best practices as well as pain-free methods. The dentist at Smile oracles is highly skilled in doing all kinds of dental fillings that help treat decayed teeth or damaged teeth. Depending on the cavity location, aesthetic requirements, biting force, durability, and your own preference, your dental filling option is determined.

Starting from diagnosis to recovery, a dentist at Smile Oracles cares about your whole treatment journey. Looking for a safe and best solution for your dental cavities or damaged tooth structures, then get the best dental fillings treatment in Delhi at Smileoracles.


What Is the Cost of Dental Fillings in Delhi?

The cost of dental filling cost in Delhi is generally not a fixed price, but it depends on several factors like

  • The dentist will perform the whole process.
  • The procedures needed before doing the dental filling.
  • The material used for a dental filling.
  • The location where the procedure is done.
  • Kind of dental insurance you are having
  • Several teeth that need filling.

A normal filling usually costs Rs. 500 to Rs.1500 in a private best dental clinic in greaterkailash, Delhi. The composite dental filling usually costs more than traditional amalgam fillings as they require a sophisticated process along with some expensive materials and some office equipment. 


What Are Post Treatment Care for Dental Filling?

After the dental filling work is done, you need some post-treatment care. Like

  • Before you chew something, ensure that anesthesia is worn off.
  • Never consume anything too hot or cold when the effect of anesthesia is there.
  • You may feel a little soreness around the gum area, but it lasts only for a few days.
  • Try to avoid any hard or any kind of tacky food for some days.
  • If you grind your teeth always, ensure you are using a mouth guard to protect your filling.
  • If you feel sensitivity for a very long time or your feelings come out after a while, you should consult your dentist.
  • Always maintain the best hygienic conditions like regular brushing, flossing, cleaning along with proper mouthwash.

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