Dentures: What is it, Types, Purpose, Procedure & Cost


What are dentures?

Are you thinking of getting dentures or already having them, or do you know someone with dentures, then you might have some questions about them? What’s important is that you should know what these dentures are, what type of care they need, and how dentures can enhance your overall oral health.

Dentures are superficial teeth as well as gums that are made by your dentists as an effective replacement to your lost teeth or damaged teeth that have been removed. Dentures are either full or partial, which means they will either replace every tooth present on the top gum line or bottom gum line or just a few that are missing. No matter what dentures you require, they can be easily personalized while designing to fit your mouth perfectly. Not only has that it also matched perfectly with your existing design of teeth and gum line. Try consulting Best dentist for Denture Implants in Delhi who can suggest the best suitable material for your denture implant.


What are they made out of?

In the past, dentures were crafted with either porcelain or good quality plastic, but nowadays dentures are made from hard resin. Dentures which were made from porcelain or plastic were weak and used to crack on falling or due to lack of good care. It breaks down very quickly when compared to the natural teeth and should be replaced with another set every three years. This is not the case with dentures made from hard resin. 

The supportive structures of dentures that hold the artificial teeth and look like the usual gum line are mostly made from the same resin used for making teeth. Or else it is also made from a reliable polymer that fits comfortably on the gum line. 


What are different types of dentures?

Now have a look at different types of dentures:

  • Partial dentures: These are mostly used when you choose not to go with other tooth-replacement methods as the neighboring natural teeth are not sturdy to give support to a structure like dental bridges. Or in some cases where only a few teeth are damaged or missing.
  • Classic partial dentures: Those partial dentures fixed to the part of the gum line will be situated on and joined to the nearby teeth to be safe from getting out of place. They are not fixed permanently and can be easily taken out when required, like for cleaning purposes or during the night while sleeping.
  • Complete dentures: These are a type of dentures that completely replaces your set of natural teeth. You can make them fit either to the top or to the bottom gum line. They are perfectly held in place through suction or an oral adhesive. Like a partial denture, they can be easily removed. The best dentists for denture implants in Delhi will ensure a perfect fit for complete replacement of your teeth.
  • Instant dentures: Some types of complete and partial dentures are different from old permanent dentures known as instant dentures. These dentures are crafted before removing the teeth that need replacement so that they can be immediately placed just after extraction of that tooth and at the time of healing, which can take up to seven months. These dentures are easy to refit as compared to the permanent dentures for easy accommodation with mouth changes when the swelling in jaws and gums starts reducing. These instant dentures can be easily disposed of when the healing process is finished, and the time comes for your permanent dentures.
  • Over dentures: It is a good alternative that can be used when the traditional dentures are not comfortable or have only some natural teeth left. They are easily fitted on the roots of your natural teeth, and either they remain fixed on these or the dental implants, in case there are no usual teeth for fitting. Most people find these kinds of dentures to be more comfortable and can be easily removed.
  • Dentures supported by implant: These are dentures that get support from strong implants. A dental implant is one of the permanent fixtures that is fastened to the jawbone and can replace any number of teeth. They consist of the implant, a personalized crown, and a metal post similar to the natural tooth. There are several ways implant-supported dentures can be attached, but you should take good care of them and treat it like typical dentures. It is commonly done in the lower jaw as it is difficult to get them done on the upper jaw due to difficulty fitting it.

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Why do we wear dentures?

Wearing dentures offers immense benefits to someone who has troublesome teeth and needs to remove them. They are one of the sturdy and amazing alternatives to problematic teeth.

  • Dentures assist in enhancing the smile of anyone having several missing teeth and helps in keeping the mouth structure strong by giving support to the structure present around the lips and cheeks.
  • Dentures also help in chewing foods, thereby helping you keep the diet the same and make sure you are nourished perfectly.
  • Dentures are one of the best solutions for replacing teeth that cause serious pain and other oral issues like rotten roots or damaged teeth.


What is the procedure involved in placing dentures?

Denture implant treatment involves following procedure:

  • Dental examination: The first step is to supervise the patient’s teeth and decide the state of the oral health. During this time, the dentist will see any signs of tooth decay, tooth infection, or any previous dental work that might affect the denture process.
  • Then your dentist will evaluate your gums along with other structures to recognize the best treatment strategy. Once your dentist has decided on the right dentures for you, he will sort an impression of the gums for recognizing every ridge and crevice to make sure you get the perfect fit.
  • After proper consultation, the dentist takes the teeth mold and measurements to make sure dentures fit perfectly.
  • Once the dentures are completed, you are called for fitting the dentures without much pain or any kind of issue if required adjustments are made during this particular appointment.
  • Getting adapted to the dentures: There will indeed be no pain, but it might take some time before you get adapted to such dentures. But eventually, you will have the same function as well as control as your regular teeth.


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What is the cost of dentures?

The cost of dentures varies depending on the time for fabrication, materials used, and the dentist. Usually, it is around Rs.800- Rs.2000 per set of dentures. Flexible denture cost in Delhi is comparatively lower in price when compared to the fixed denture cost. Some of the other factors that affect the cost of dentures are

  • Dentist location
  • Kind of dental insurance.
  • The complexity.
  • Dental materials are chosen by the dentist as well as the patient.
  • The kind of warranty provided.


How to take care of your Dentures?

Once your dentures are placed, you must take good care of them to make them last longer.

  • Make it a habit to remove all food particles as well as a plague from the placed dentures.
  • Clean your dentures just like your natural teeth.
  • Brush your dentures with paste and water.
  • Soak your dentures in water for removing all food particles.
  • Soak it in the fizzy solution for proper cleaning of dentures to remove stains along with organisms.

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