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Today, dental disorders across India are on the rise. At the same time, dental procedures have undergone significant advances, making it possible for people to choose from multiple dental treatments to improve the condition of their teeth. Implants have come to occupy the front seat of a promising dental treatment for the replacement of teeth. Today, most dentists recommend their patients opt for dental implants, which is a promising treatment option for those with dental issues.


What Are Dental Implants?

A Dental Implant is a post that requires placement in the jawbone for placement of a tooth or mounting a bridge. Implants are made with titanium to provide durability to the centre. Through a surgical procedure, they are fitted into the gums to form a strong base on which the crown of a tooth can be placed. It provides a link between the gums and the bottom of a tooth. It takes a few months for the implant to settle in the gums and take a proper position in the jaw. Once resolved, a crown of the tooth can be placed upon it to complete the structure of the tooth. You would not be able to differentiate between the natural and artificially placed teeth after a Dental Implant surgery. The surgery is ideal for those who have lost a] complete tooth from the crown to the root and need to fill in the missing gaps in the jaw. You can explore the best options of Dental Implants in Greater Kailash to avail yourself a satisfactory treatment.

What is the cost of Dental Implants?

Dental Implant surgery is considered an advanced dental treatment that is mostly carried out by maxillofacial or oral surgeons or even periodontists. This is a delicate procedure for which some general dentists might take special additional training to learn implanting methodology. This entire surgical procedure is a bit more expensive than other methods of tooth replacement. However, the actual cost may depend on the level of the experience and superiority of the dentist, as well as the location of the dental clinic. Sometimes, the price might also vary if the whole implantation procedure is a complicated one due to some underlying complications or pre-surgery processes which may be required to prepare the jawbone for dental implant surgery. However, you can get the best dental implant cost in Greater Kailash.

Factors affecting the cost of Dental Implant

Different factors might affect the cost of Dental Implants.

  1. The make of the implant

The cost of the dental implant can significantly vary depending on the type of make of dental implant. Some are expensive, while others may be branded as well. While all are pure titanium-based, the quality is still different in some cases. At times, doctors have their preferences for a brand due to its quality and user-friendliness.

  1. Number of implants

If you have more numbers of implants to undergo, the cost will go up cumulatively to the number of implants.  

  1. Bone augmentation procedures

There are cases where the volume of the jaw bone is not enough to support the implant. For this, doctors perform the pre-surgery process to increase the work for the bone to hold the implant successfully.

  1. Drafting materials used for Bones

If there is a deficit in the jaw bone around the area where an implant needs to be performed, the dentist will need to administer an additional treatment. Depending on the severity of the case, the cost of the treatment could vary.

  1. Type of fitted crown

There are various types and qualities of a crown that can fit the root implant. What you choose or what your dentist suggests can affect the cost.

  1. Types of anaesthesia

In the case of local anaesthesia, the cost might be lower compared to the general anaesthetic in case the patient is too nervous or if the issue is complicated.

  1. Any corrective surgery

The post-implant surgery that is required to correct any fault in the placement of the implant is an added expense to the entire process.

You can find a good number of deals for dental implants in Greater Kailash while you can rely on the affordability of single tooth implant cost in Greater Kailash.

What Are the Advantages of Dental Implants?

There are numerous advantages of opting for dental implants.

  1. Adds a desirable appearance

Dental Implants are a look-alike of the natural teeth. Therefore, it becomes hard to make out the crown teeth over an implant from a natural one. The appearance of the teeth looks flattering in case you had a gap between them earlier.

  1. Improving speech

Due to missing or poor-fitting dentures, the chances of slipping off the tongue are high, causing unsavoury results of speech. Since implants offer a permanent solution to the structure of a tooth, they help to avoid this problem.

  1. Adding to the comfort

In place of removal implants, you can get comfort while carrying out routine activities without facing any hindrance.

  1. Making eating easier

Wrongly fitted or missing dentures can cause problems with eating. Dental Implants can solve this quickly.

  1. Improving self-esteem

Dental implants can make you feel happier with yourself and improve your confidence with every smile.

  1. Improving oral health

Nearby teeth are not affected in the slightest use of the implants. This helps in avoiding significant discomfort. At the same time, you can work on your oral health more] by getting more comfortable access to space on both sides of the implant as they are individually set.

Can Anyone Get Dental Implants?

Anyone capable of getting a tooth extraction procedure underway or any miscellaneous oral surgery can be considered eligible for a dental implant. What is required in a patient is a good enough bone density to hold an implant as well as healthy gums. Additionally, it is suitable for someone who is conscious of their oral hygiene and visits dentists almost regularly. If someone is a heavy smoker, suffering from a chronic disorder (e.g. heart disease, diabetes, etc.), might need some regular evaluation by a specialist before agreeing for dental implants.

To know if anyone is right to proceed for a dental implant, one needs to get in touch with a doctor and get themselves evaluated. You can get the proper consultation about dental implants in Greater Kailash.

Does Insurance Cover the Cost of Dental Implants?

At present, dental insurance does not cover dental implants. If you have a medical plan, it might be extended to cover dental implants provided there is a flexible insurance plan that includes tooth loss. You can get some help regarding dental implants cost in Greater Kailash at Smileoracles so walk in for a consultation today! 

What Is Involved in Getting a Dental implant?

The Dental Implant procedure includes a set of steps, from preparation to conclusion and aftercare. The steps are as follows:

  1. Treatment plan:   This is the first stage where there is a need for an individual treatment plan. This includes the particular needs of the patient, and it is prepared by the combined effort of the professionals trained and practised in oral surgeries.
  2. Pre-surgery Treatment: This is the case where any patient with a discrepancy in the gum health or jawbone density can get a pre-surgical surgery to alter the scenario. In this, a treatment plan is made where the target area is brought up to optimal health so that the gums and bone can hold the dental implant in the future.
  3. Dental Implant surgery: In this step, the titanium tooth screw is surgically implanted in the jaw bone at the place of the missing tooth. Over time, the jawbone heals around the implanted root, ensuring that it is appropriately secured. This entire process of healing can take from six to 12 weeks.
  4. Post-surgery Crown attachment: In this step after the healing of the bone, a doctor takes the impression of the bite, makes the shape of the tooth and type, and choose the best crown. Then the replacement tooth or crown is placed on the root.

It is essential to care for oral hygiene after the surgery to retain tooth health for a long time. You can find out more about hygiene from the best doctors for dental implants in Greater Kailash.

How Painful Are Dental Implants?

Many people who have received dental implants assure future patients that dental implants cause no discomfort during the administration of the entire procedure. This is mostly due to the local anaesthesia which numbs the whole area. In the case of any patient-facing extreme nervousness, the doctor might administer general anaesthesia to ensure a smooth procedure. This also provides that the patient is at comfort while getting the implants placed in their gums. Because of this, most patients agree that they found dental implant procedures to be more comfortable and less painful than a tooth extraction.

After the procedure, one might feel pain and soreness in the bones and jaw for weeks following the surgery. This is treatable by simple over-the-counter pain relievers. The simple tooth implant cost in Greater Kailash is tailored to fit your comfort and convenience. 

How Do I Care for Dental Implants?

When you have completed a dental implant procedure with your dentist, you will need to ask them about the care instructions to ensure the longevity of the treatment. Though dental implants are durable, they have a long life only because of the best care that one provides to their oral hygiene and ultimately, the dental implant.

  1. Soft brush

After dental implants, changing your meeting might help. You must shift to nylon brushes as they are very soft and delicate on the teeth. It is essential to avoid stiff bristles’ encounters as they may harm the dental implant and cause pain and discomfort. Do not use any metal instrument to clean your mouth.

  1. Avoid abrasive products

It is essential to avoid buying hard and abrasive products as they may harm the teeth and gums, causing discomfort. This includes any intensely flavoured product in toothpaste, mouth wash, etc. that can bring an uncomfortable feeling in the mouth after every use. It is better to opt for sensitive products that care for your implant delicately.

  1. Daily floss

After getting dental implants, flossing is a must. It is necessary because the plague that might get accumulated around the implant needs to be cleaned every day and avoid long-term collection. This can also lead to oral hygiene issues. There are dental flosses in the market made, especially for dental implants as well. That can help with specialized caring for your implants.

  1. Avoid hard foods

Sticky and hard foods are not suitable for dental implants. They can be responsible for damage to the crown and cause discomfort. Some foods that are included in these criteria are ice, dried fruits, candies, potato chips, carrots, caramel, tacos, apples, steak, crusty bread, nuts, etc.

  1. Avoid alcohol and smoking

Getting away from tobacco and alcohol is a good idea for general body and dental health after availing a dental implant. Since dental implants might take up to 6 months to completely heal, it is best to avoid smoking. These products are known to slow down the healing and impact the health of the implant.

  1. Schedule regular dental visits

A dental implant is a particular procedure that only helps you fill the gap of the missing tooth. It is essential to visit your dentist regularly and allow them a chance to check your teeth for signs of damage. 

  1. Caring immediately about surgery

It is essential to ensure that you get the entire list of do’s and don’ts from the doctor after the surgery to know what to avoid in the next 24 hours after the implant surgery. Medication must be taken on time as prescribed as they help to fight off any unwanted infection from the surgery. Consumption of soft foods will help to keep the pressure off your teeth. In case of discomfort, ice packs can be of great help.

Get the best consultation about dental implants in Greater Kailash from the experts and get an appointment for your treatment today. You can be sure that you receive the best affordable services and dental implants cost in Greater Kailash.


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