Aftercare You Might Need After a Root Canal Treatment

root canal treatment

The root canal procedure generally involves a thorough cleaning inside of your canal. It is usually done to uplift the condition of your teeth or to reverse the damage to them. Hence, the whole process tends to be quite major and time-consuming. Additionally, it can also irritate the gum and nerves surrounding the teeth. Therefore, you might experience mild to moderate pain, especially right after the procedure is completed.

Like anything else, the discomfort or agony does not last forever. However, you will still need to be wary about your condition and walk through a detailed aftercare schedule for at least a few months. Moreover, you will also need to be careful and cautious about the well-being of your teeth. If you feel extreme pain and uneasiness all of a sudden, then it will be better for you to visit your doctor right away

So, let’s keep the concern mentioned above away for now and discuss the aftercare procedure now.

1.Consider Your Foods Carefully

The thought of eating delicious food right after a root canal surgery is common among the patients. However, for the sake of your well-being, you will need to be refrained from doing so for now. You will need to start your journey to complete recovery by consuming softer foods. After you feel comfortable regarding everything, you can then move onto the harder food items. So, let’s learn more about this aspect.

Foods You Should Eat

So, the foods that should be ideal for you during this period are –

  • You can try out yoghurt, scrambled eggs, or a well-prepared smoothie to make your breakfast a bit healthier than usual. It will be an excellent source of protein for you and, thus, will keep you energetic throughout the whole day.
  • You may include mashed potatoes, shredded meat, and meatloaf to make your meal an utter extravaganza. Due to the inclusion of the potato, the dish will be quite filling and delicious as well.
  • With regards to snacks, you may opt for cooked or ripe fruit too. They are highly nutritious and, thus, will be ideal for your overall health as well. But, be sure to avoid buying canned products as much as possible.
  • If you are in the mood for trying out something simple and easy, then going for soft bread and saltines can be ideal for you. Matzah can also be considered as a perfect choice in this aspect for you.
  • Aside from these, you can also opt for noodles, pasta, and quinoa if you are looking for a quicker solution. Cooked vegetables are also a decent choice for you. In the case of a dessert, you can choose something like sorbet or frozen yoghurt.

Foods You Should Avoid

The food-items that you may need to stay away from are –

  • You should never consume extremely hot or cold food right after undergoing a root canal treatment in Greater Kailash. It might affect the sensitivity of your tooth or gum and make them hurt even more. So, be sure to cool the down food a little bit before eating them.
  • Additionally, you will need to skip anything sticky and hard. Eating the same might increase the risk of temporary crown removal from its place. Moreover, it might hurt quite a bit.

2. Try to Keep Your Head a Bit Elevated

The swelling and pain are quite common after undergoing a root canal procedure. So, to minimize it or keep the same under control, you will need to keep your head elevated. Additionally, you will also need to avoid lying down all the time. It will increase the discomfort even more. So, if you are considering lying down, then be sure to put yet another pillow under your head to keep it well-elevated. Also, do not eat anything right before going to sleep.

3.Take a Pain-relieving Medication

The best way to take care of the severe pain caused by the root canal treatment is to take an over-the-counter medication. It can help you reduce the overall inflammation of the same and lower the discomfort. However, there’s a hitch. You cannot take any drug available out there during such a volatile condition. Thus, it will be better for you to consult with your doctor before consuming anything.

4. Gurgle Regularly

The primary aim of a root canal treatment in delhi is to revitalize your teeth and strengthen them again. Nonetheless, there is a risk of infection available in this aspect as well. Therefore, it becomes almost one of your creeds to take care of your gum as cautiously as possible. Gurgling can be an ideal option for you in this aspect. Gurgling with a small amount of salt-induced lukewarm water regularly can keep the surrounding of your gum clean and fresh. Furthermore, it can eliminate the bacteria build-up in the same area too.

5. Use a Cold Compress

Gurgling with warm water can, indeed, take care of the risk of infection. But, it cannot do anything about the consistent pain and discomfort. So, if your doctor has asked you to avoid the over-the-counter medications, then you can opt for a cold compress. You can put it on the same side of your face whenever you encounter a small amount of tingling or pain. Besides, it can also quicken the whole recovery procedure by keeping the inflammation down. Be sure to continuously hold it for at least 10-15 minutes to reduce the agony for the best results.

6. Do Not Work Strenuously

As mentioned before, root canal treatment is considered to be an effective procedure. Thus, you will need to refrain from doing anything strenuous after undergoing the same for at least two weeks. It would also be better for you if you could stay away from the activities, which could cause a lot of jerking. For example, you should avoid riding a car or cycling through a mountainous surface as well. Too much walking would also not be a good idea for you during this period.


The root canal treatment is, in essence, quite intricate and critical. Therefore, if you want to safely and securely undergo the same safely, you will need to opt for the best dental clinic in Greater Kailash, Delhi. Aside from taking care of you throughout the treatment, they can also help you create an aftercare routine. This way, it will be easier for you to tackle the pain you are dealing with and restore your condition as quickly as possible. 



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