“Mouth is the mirror of the body”

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Your mouth and the face reflect signs and symptoms of health and disease that can serve as an adjunct for diagnosis for some conditions. Diagnostic tests using oral cells and fluids are available to detect drug abuse, hormonal changes, and specific diseases. The mouth is also a portal of entry for pathogens and toxins, which can affect the mouth and, if not cleared by the many defense mechanisms that have evolved to protect the oral cavity, may spread to the rest of the body. Recent epidemiologic and experimental animal research provides evidence of possible associations between oral infections and diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and adverse pregnancy outcomes.

Are you really giving the best care to your patients?

Prior to any surgery or complicated medical procedure, it is important to have a qualified dentist give clearance to protect your patients from additional risk factors, which might arise due to oral-systemic connection.

What should the physicians and surgeons know about the oral health of their patients?

The status of your patient’s oral health

  • Decayed teeth (cavities and breaking down of teeth)
  • Abscessed teeth (infection in the root with pain and swelling)
  • Localized or systemic infection

To sign a dental clearance for a medical procedure, a comprehensive dental checkup must be performed. This includes a tooth, gum and bone evaluation and testing for quality and quantity of bacteria causing the oral infection. This is done to determine if there is a risk of bacteremia (an invasion of the bloodstream by bacteria).  We know many patients are found to be at high risk for bacteremia with no clinical symptoms of active infection.

What does a Dental Clearance really tell you?

Oral Infection can lead to Strokes, Diabetes, Heart Attacks, Lung Infection, Preterm Pregnancies, Alzheimer’s, Cancer, and More.  If your patients have gum disease, tell them to get it treated and safeguard their health.

Protect Your Patients’ Health By Referring To Smileoracles Multispeciality Dental Clinics for  Dental Clearance.


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