Coronavirus: Can COVID-19 impact your teeth?

covid 19 effects on teeth


Everyone across the globe has taken a hit with the COVID-19 pandemic. The virus is fatal and can lead to severe complications in our eyes, respiratory system, cardiovascular endurance, and much more. In most instances, the negative effects can linger on for months and even years.

Gums and Enamel Loss: Newest signs of COVID-19

In recent weeks, doctors are experiencing a strange sign in patients affected by COVID-19. Many patients are reporting weakened gums and enamel loss that may be one of the newest signs of COVID-19 observed so far.

Can COVID-19 damage your teeth?

Many patients across the world have been reporting complications arising out of tooth loss, dental infections, and weakened gums after recovering from COVID-19. These patients have been under observation and reporting usual post-COVID. Some of these patients have also reported losing out a tooth because of decay while others have reported tooth break, discoloration, and gum weakening.

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Tooth loss and decay: Is it also a possible COVID-19 sign?

The instances of losing teeth or experiencing gum or tooth decay are rising every day. Anecdotal reports have suggested that COVID-19 can be a big reason behind such oral health complications. It may also be possible that oral health complications, joint pain or hair loss, could go unrecognized in the absence of clear data. However, there is definitely something that is required to be monitored more stringently.

The SARS-COV-2 virus has the ability to disrupt vital flow of blood in the body that may lead to a series of clots and patchy flow of blood in the body. This may also be a reason behind disruptions in the smooth flow and transportation of blood and nutrients to critical body parts. 

In some instances, the virus may lead to consequential damage such as to the brain, chest, jaws, and heart. Since the oral cavity is enriched with a healthy and rich supply of blood vessels that may get impacted by compromised or lower than usual flow of blood, the virus can lead to oral health complications such as weakened gums or tooth decay.

Could cytokine storms be causing oral health problems?

According to medical professionals and scientists, the cytokine storm (where the body starts attacking its own cells and tissues instead of waging a war against the virus) can be a possible reason behind tooth decay and weakened gums.

The human mouth is host to a count of Angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE2) receptors that SARS-COV-2 latches onto and replicates. However, the reason behind continuing incidences of weakened gums and tooth decay long after patients are treated from COVID-19 is still unclear.

COVID-19: Dental damage could affect kids too

Sadly, children who have been till now largely spared from COVID-19 and its after-effects are also experiencing dental problems. 

According to survivors who have experienced COVID-19 symptoms (including children), oral health complications such as loosening of teeth, tooth loss, gum infections, and decay are common. The poor attention that dental health has received during the COVID-19 pandemic may also be a reason why people are experiencing severe dental health complications.

What steps can you take for better dental care?

In the past, untreated or unrecognised dental health complications have been associated with life-endangering health conditions such as a heart attack or stroke. Therefore, you should practise preventive care measures such as washing your hands with a soap for a minimum of 2 minutes, maintaining social distancing, and following the highest standards of hygiene and sanitisation everywhere across you. 

It is equally important to pay attention to your oral health by regularly brushing (at least twice a day and preferably after every meal) and floss teeth. In case of severe pain in the gum, teeth, or the mouth, you should immediately seek medical advice by calling the best dental clinic in Greater Kailash. Remember, COVID-19 is a fatal disease and everyone may not experience the same signs, symptoms, and complications. However, all of us should keep our guards up to prevent and defeat the virus before it impacts our body in a menacing and terrifying manner.


Healthcare services across the globe are facing an unprecedented situation because of the COVID-19 outbreak. However, you can significantly reduce the risk of acquiring COVID-19 by following simple yet highly effective preventive measures such as social distancing, use of masks even while at your home, and washing your hands regularly.

The high number of cases where people are experiencing severe COVID-19 symptoms are primarily because of bacteria load and increased inflammatory markers because of oral health complications. These people are also demonstrating reduced lymphocyte count and increased neutrophil counts, suggesting bacterial infections. In other words, the overall relationship between COVID-19 and oral health appears to be bilateral, though there is still an absence of sufficient research so far. Therefore, it is highly suggested that you should create and maintain the highest standards of oral health, hygiene, sanitisation, and social distancing.

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