Myths About Root Canal Treatment

Myths About Root Canal Treatment

Like any other advanced medical procedure, the root canal treatment in Greater Kailash consorts several mind-boggling myths. However, each of them is quite far from reality and, thus, deserves to be debunked in the most accurate way possible. Hopefully, in this write-up, we will be successful in doing it as well. So, without making any further ado, let’s begin our venture. 

Misconception – 1: Root Canals are Somewhat Complicated and Require Regular Visits 

According to the best dentist in Delhi, the root canal procedure is pretty advanced and complex. This has prompted most people to believe that you will need to visit the dental clinic for quite a while during the treatment. Some also think that the process requires more than a week or so to complete. 

Myth Debunked: Since the last decade, medical science has improved pretty prominently. With today’s state-of-the-art technology, it usually requires one visit to complete the tooth root canal treatment. In case you are suffering from severe tooth issues, you may need around two days to be done with the procedure. 

Misconception – 2: It is a Painful and Uncomfortable Procedure 

When most people talk about undergoing a root canal treatment, they usually mention how painful it is. Some individuals also think that the procedure can cause a lot of bleeding, which may indirectly affect your health. 

Myth Debunked: Generally, a root canal process begins with the induction of local anesthesia on the patient. Therefore, you won’t feel even a tinge of pain during the surgery. Also, the dentist will ask you to take medications to deal with the minor pain experienced after the completion of the treatment. 

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Misconception – 3: The Procedure Involves the Removal of the Roots of Your Teeth, So There Will Be No Pain 

Most people have a misconception that by undergoing root canal retreatment, the dentists remove the roots of their teeth. This way, the pain, and sensitivity will not be felt in the teeth that were treated. 

Myth Debunked: However, this reasoning isn’t true at all. Even after completing the treatment, you will feel pain, depending on the circumstances. Nevertheless, your teeth will not be sensitive to hotter or colder beverages anymore. 

Misconception – 4: There Is No Need to Go to The Dentist after the Completion of the Treatment

A root canal treatment is pretty much considered to be an ultimatum for any patient. Hence, usually after getting a root canal cap, most people tend to avoid going to their dentist. 

Myth Debunked: According to the best dental clinic in South Delhi, not visiting your doctor after undergoing tooth canal surgery is a huge mistake. During these appointments, your doctor will implement a temporary filling on the root. This is usually done to protect it from external as well as internal damages. A permanent filling on your teeth will be provided later, so you will have to visit your dentist again. 

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Misconception – 5: Pregnant Women Should Avoid Root Canal 

Usually, before undergoing a root canal procedure, your doctor will ask you to take an X-ray test. It will help them in understanding the current condition of your teeth and offer the best solution in accordance with it. However, as an X-ray system uses radiation, most people think that it can affect a pregnant woman. 

Myth Debunked: The radiation exposure, which may occur during an X-ray procedure, is pretty minimal. So, it would not cause any form of concern for a pregnant woman. Moreover, she will not affected by the anesthetic at all. The best dentist in South Delhi will take care of her and her delicate condition as warily as possible. 

Misconception – 6: Teeth Will Restore Completely After a Root Canal Treatment 

A root canal treatment is all about rejuvenating your teeth in the best way possible. Hence, many people think that the procedure can entirely restore the damage to their teeth and cause no issue of concern. This is yet another reason why most people don’t visit their dentist a second time after the root canal procedure is completed. 

Myth Debunked: Root canal, in a way, does rejuvenate your teeth while negating the damage thoroughly. Nevertheless, you will still need to go through follow-up appointments to ensure the vitality of your teeth. Moreover, in some cases, the tooth canal procedure can cause bleeding or pain. If you wish to avoid or cure such circumstances, then visiting the dentist a second time becomes a must for you. 


Do root canals hurt your teeth and cause discomfort? No, in most cases, it doesn’t. However, if you are truly unfortunate, then you may encounter some out-of-the-normal (minor pain or bleeding) experiences. Such issues are extremely rare and usually do not occur in most cases. However, we will still ask you to visit your dentist if you have been experiencing any issues. They will assist you right away.   


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