“I think it is good and clean and the dealing of the patients by the doctors is very good.”

Ibtisam Jasim Mohammad

Baghdad, Iraq

“I feel happy and comfortable after the treatment and very satisfied. The treatment was good and the clinic is clean and everybody is kind and helpful.”

Ismail Al Riyami

Izki, Oman.

“As Westerners, it’s sometimes hard to find a good place in India for health treatment, but here, we definitely felt comfortable about making a dental implant. The result was very good. So we’re very happy about your job, and will from now recommend your place to our friends living in and coming to New Delhi.”

Cornette Caroline

Nantes, France.

“I am very happy with my smile now. Thank You!”


Al-Alam, Baghdad, Iraq.

“Everyone liked my new smile. And even my friends here liked it. Thanks to you all. Thanks a ton once again.”


United Kingdom

“I am Miguel and I come from Africoi in Angola. I am now very happy with my oral health. Thank you.”

Miguel Jose Antonio


“I liked so much to know all of you and I am very happy with your work and with me now, because now I’ve got a nice smiling face. Thank You!”

Nelson Antonio James

Luanda, Angola.

“Fe suis tres satisfaite du service propose par la Clinique. Merci pour. L’ excellence et l’ accueil. F’ ai ete tres heureuse de vous ren contrer. Merci!!”

Valerie Nongana

Burkina Faso.

“I really appreciated the kind and nice service offered to me by the Doctors. I know I owe more than what they have done to meet my request. I pray that the staff and management will grow to unexpected levels in the future. Thanks a lot and God Bless You!!”

Volivoli Kiristina Vameau

C/o PM’s Office, Govt. Buildings,

Suva, Fiji Isles.

“They work carefully. Their manner is very good and they are on time. They are truthful.”

Mohammad Shaiq

Talogan, Afghanistan

“This was my first time doing treatment for my teeth in India and I was very satisfied with the clinic and specially with Dr. Siddhartha. He is very good dentist and has magic hand and fingers, very smooth when he works. So I recommend to choose Dr. Siddharth. My last word is I hope all improvement to that clinic.”

Ahmed Yakob Alhabobby

Malmo, Sweden

“I’m always afraid of dentists and I have difficulty going to dental clinic. I had lot of problems with my teeth. But during my stay in India I went to Dr Siddhartha and it was so good and comfortable visit with no pain at all. This was my best dental experience and I thank all Doctors here for their kindness and for all they have done.”

Shaimaa Anwar


“I am thankful for all staffs of this dental clinic because they made me smile again without any fear. Before the treatment I was ashamed to open my mouth. Now I can smile, lovely. Thank you.”

Solomon Engdawork

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

“My stay in India not only to get knowledge and meet people from all over the world, but it is also a great opportunity to me to smile with pure white teeth as was in my childhood. Thank you.”

Yimegnu Anteneh Yihunie

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

“You are doing a wonderful job. I am really impressed by the way you attend to your patients. From my observation your cost and treatment are second to none. Thank you very much for making me have a nice smile.”

Sulieman Sidima Kulibali

Free town, Sierra Leone.

“Well I am speechless because I am very happy with the doctors for giving a beautiful Smile. May you proceed with this wonderful work. From Namibia I am smiling for you. Thank you so much.”

Ndinelago Johannes

Windhoek West, Namibia

Job well done!

Highly satisfied, positive!

Jako Jarusaar

Sindi, Estonia

“Thank you for providing us with a healthier and more beautiful smile! Terviseks!”

Kadri and Ahti

Tallinn, Estonia

“I had got a root canal done 10 years back and it was quite a pain. However, I got it done today at Smileoracles and it was quick, painless and without any side effects. I am really happy with the experience and strongly recommend to all. Thanks.”

Gagan Suri

London, U.K.

“Your services are highly appreciated. I am very happy with my new looks and hope that in future I will meet people like you. If only it was possible, I would refer my colleagues from my country to your clinic. Thank you once again.”

Primrose M Mudavanity

Harare, Zimbabwe.

“I am very happy because the doctors are excellent.

Thank you very much for everything.”


Kabul, Afghanistan

“I am very happy for your treatment, now I feel well. There is no pain in my teeth.

Thank you for your hospitality.”

Jean Willy Lukibanza

Kinshasha, RDC