Implant dentistry

Recent advances in dental technology and materials have made dental implants a versatile and reliable treatment option for replacing missing teeth. Dental implants and can replace single teeth, multiple teeth, an arch of teeth or support removable dentures. The process of getting a dental implant done involves simple treatment plan and a comfortable patient experience. One of the main advantages of dental implants is that they do not require other teeth to properly restore a missing or lost tooth. Dental implants also improve chewing ability, prevent migration of adjacent teeth and enhance the smile. At Smileoracles, dental implants consist of 3 parts:

  • a titanium screw that replaces the root of the tooth
  • a piece in the middle (called an abutment) that connects the screw and the crown.
  • a porcelain crown that replaces the missing tooth

Is dental implant an ideal treatment for you?

Dental implants are an ideal treatment option for most healthy people. In most cases, dental implants are a better option than a porcelain crown and bridge. However, dental implants are not the best option in patients who are long-term heavy smokers, uncontrolled diabetics and patients who have undergone bisphosphonate treatment. To find out if you are a candidate for dental implants, schedule a consultation visit to discuss all of your options for restoring your teeth.

What are the advantages to dental implants?

There are several advantages to choosing dental implant treatment.

  • Dental implants replace the whole missing tooth – crown and root
  • It prevent the resorption or atrophy of bone
  • It does not need support from adjacent teeth to replace a missing tooth
  • Dental implants look and acts just like a normal tooth
  • It is one of the most successful treatment option and rarely there is a need to replace dental implants.

What are the disadvantages to dental implants?

One of the major drawbacks of dental implant treatment is that the process takes between 4 to 8 months to complete. After the tooth implant is initially placed, it has to have time to integrate with the jaw bone. After the implant settles in, the treatment can be completed in 2 to 3 weeks. Another possible drawback could be aesthetics when placing the implants for front teeth. In such cases a dental bridge might be a better option.


Our specialists have years of experience restoring implants, and they have the skill and knowledge to recognize any potential drawbacks before you start your case. We will be able to help you understand whether or not you are an excellent candidate to receive a tooth implant.  To learn more about your dental implant options, schedule an appointment to talk to one of our implant specialists.